Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here comes another iPad-only daily newspaper: iMaverick, from South Africa, will launch August 15

The independent online news site, Daily Maverick, has announced it will launch an iPad-only daily newspaper, à la The Daily. The new tablet newspaper will be launched on August 15th and will be called iMaverick.
A landing page explaining the move has already been launched which explains the new publication.

And here is a twist: readers can sign up to subscribe at a cost of R395 per month – about $58 – but that price includes an iPad 2, a well. A higher price level will get an iPad 2 with more storage.

"In a world in such turmoil, the emergence of the computer tablet as a platform suddenly promises to solve a vast numbers of problems," the Daily Maverick says in their announcement. "Here is a device that successfully marries the beauty and cohesion of print with the immediacy and connectedness of online, made to come alive through full use of multimedia. All of it on the perfect screen, where photographs outshine anything that printed glossy magazines could ever offer."

In explaining how the new tablet newspaper will differ from its website, publisher and editor Branko Brkic told the Mail & Guardian, a South African daily newspaper, that "It makes sense that a subscription based, daily iPad newspaper is the next generation of the Daily Maverick."

The Daily Maverick online news site was the result of the demise of print magazines Maverick and Empire. Then in October of 2009 the news site was launched with Brkic telling Chris Moerdyk of "We want to once and for all to solve the online advertising model as we believe that the current one simply doesn't work. We also believe that there's no need to annoy the reader to get the advertising message across.”

Now they can try and make tablet newspapers profitable, as well.

Update: Oops, almost forgot the obligatory promotional video. I don't know what to make of this one, but here it is anyway!