Monday, June 13, 2011

Miami Herald runs Macy's ad celebrating championship that never happened; most accounts miss one big fact

This story about the Miami Herald running an ad from Macy's that celebrates an NBA title has been picked up by a number of sources.
But what the New Times failed to mention – and, by the way, the photo at left is courtesy of the paper – and what other sources failed to mention is that even if the Miami Heat had won yesterday the ad would still have been a mistake.

The ad from the department store proclaims "Congratulations MIAMI!" and is surrounded by a story that tells that the NBA championship had, in fact, been won by the Dallas Mavericks.

But going into last night's game, the Mavericks were leading the Heat three games to two. Had the Heat won last night it would have evened the series three games a piece. In other words, the production department at the Miami Herald blew it big time – that ad wasn't scheduled to run until later in the week, or never, depending on events.

As it turns out, the Heat went down, the Mavericks are champions, and Macy's is about to get a "make good".