Friday, June 24, 2011

Morning Brief: Conrad Black, faces resentencing hearing in Chicago; Recorded Books to bring Zinio's digital newsstand to libraries in U.S., Canada, Australia & U.K.

A U.S. District Judge will today conduct a resentencing hearing today in Chicago for the former head of Hollinger Inc., Conrad Black. For Black it could mean a return to jail following his conviction for fraud and obstruction of justice, or it freedom based on time served.

The Chicago Sun-Times, at one time part of Black's media empire, reports that the prosecutors are calling for more time for Black.

“He fails to acknowledge his central role in destroying Hollinger International through greed and lies, instead blaming the government and others for what he describes as an unjust persecution,” the Sun-Times quotes a recent filing from prosecutors. Prosecutors also allege that Black had inmates clean and cook for him during his time in prison and insisted that he be called "Lord Black", the honorary title Britain saw fit to give the media man.

Public libraries in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the U.K. will have access to Zinio's digital newsstand through an agreement with Recorded Books, a producer of audiobooks. The new service, Zinio for Libraries, will allow patrons to access to the Zinio newsstand through their library cards.

“People love going to their public library to read a large selection of magazines, but printed copies can easily get damaged, lost or destroyed,” Rich Freese, president and CEO, Recorded Books in the press release announcement. “Books, music and audiobooks are transitioning to digital formats and now with Zinio for Libraries, we can offer thousands of digital magazines from most every major global publisher.”

The new service will launch at the American Libraries Association conference on June 24.

TNM readers have probably already seen this video of Conan O'Brien talking on his show about the new version of Final Cut Pro released recently by Apple. If not, here it is below.

I have not tried the new Final Cut Pro simply because my video editing needs are rather simple. But I hated when Apple updated iMovie and based on reports concerning the new Final Cut Pro, I can sympathize with those who regularly used the professional grade editing software in the past and are now faced with adapting to a new, dumbed down version of the vital software.