Thursday, June 30, 2011

Morning Brief: Layoffs accompany News Corp. sale of Myspace; Cisco now the latest to launch its own app store; five wars were apparently not enough for WH

Having purchased the social media site for $580 in July of 2005, News Corp. yesterday confirmed that it has sold Myspace for the rock bottom price of $35 million. The buyer, Specific Media LLC, said that it will team up with Justin Timberlake to try and "rebuild and reinvigorate" Myspace, according to the WSJ report.

As a final going away present, and likely a requirement of the deal, News Corp. laid off half of Myspace's remaining 450 employees on Wednesday.

One might have thought that by this time Android tablet sales would be booming, just as Android smartphones have. But one huge reason for the failure (so far) of Android driven tablets has to be chalked up to the Wild West world of Android apps.

Now comes word that Cisco will launch its own app store to support its Cius tablet. The seven inch tablet can run apps from the Android Market and the Amazon App Store, which is good because as of this morning there was exactly one News app available in the Cisco app store: FeedeR News Reader, produced by Weekend Coders LLC.

The Washington Post reports this morning that the U.S. has carried out a drone strike in Somalia. The target was two people allegedly with ties to al-Qaeda.

If you are keeping count, and the WaPo apparently is, this makes the sixth country that the U.S. is now engaged in drone attacks: Somalia joins Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq and Yemen. Oh, and in case you are thinking that some of these wars are winding down, the NYT reports this morning that monthly combat deaths in Iraq hits a 3-year high this month. So far 15 soldiers have been killed, the highest total since June 2008.

Monday is the Independence Day in the U.S. and this site plans to make a long weekend of it. So posting will be limited tomorrow, and nonexistent on Monday (unless some earth shattering news occurs, of course).

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