Monday, June 6, 2011

Morning Brief: US accused by Canadian court of being enforcer for tech giant; Apple's WWDC kicks off today

A British Columbia Supreme Court judge accused Cisco and U.S. prosecutors of deceiving Canadian authorities in actions that led to the arrest of a whistleblower.

Justice Ronald McKinnon ruled that Peter Adekeye, a British computer entrepreneur and former for Cisco Systems employee will not be extradited following his arrest in Vancouver. According to the Vancouver Sun, Adekeye was arrested while testifying on May 20, 2010 before an American court hearing at the Wedgewood Hotel. He was arrested for supposedly not testifying, leading the Canadian judge to equate Adekeye's ordeal as something out of Jeosph Heller's novel Catch 22.

Adekeye was arrested after Canadian officials received information from U.S. authorities. Almost nothing in the U.S. attorney's letter was true," Adekeye's lawyer Marilyn Sandford said last week. But Canadian Justice Department lawyers argued that U.S. actions in the case were irrelevant, but in the end the judge disagreed stating that Adekeye's arrest was "shocking" and that "it is simply not done in a civilized jurisdiction that is bound by the rule of law."

Adekeye is suing Cisco over the issue of forced software updates and maintenance contracts, according to the Sun article.

Apple CEO will be kicking off the Worldwide Developer Conference at 1pm EDT today by introducing the newest Mac OS, named Lion, as well a new version of its mobile and tablet operating system, iOS 5, and iCloud.

Meanwhile, Apple opened its seventh retail outlet in France, this one in Lyon located in the Lyon Part-Dieu shopping center. As usual large crowds gathered prior to the opening and press showed up to cover the event.
Videos uploaded to YouTube show long lines of customers in line waiting for the opening. In fact, lines extended from inside the shopping center clear out side into the rain that fell on the summer morning.

Apple employees were shown being applauded like rock stars as they showed up for work before the opening.

The new store follows the same design as all Apple Stores and uses iPads to provide information on products displayed in the store.