Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NYC-based Radical Media develops interactive iPad app for Gagosian Gallery, to be updated quarterly

The NYC-based company Radical Media grabbed my attention with its wonderful app for the Walker Library's History of Human Imagination, Medicá. Now they have acted as developer for a new iPad app for Gagosian Gallery that combines video, animation and photography into, as they say, an "immersive interactive art experience."
Gagosian is a free app that is promised to be updated on a quarterly basis. Weighing in at 616 MB, the iPad user will have to dedicate a fair amount of space for this app, but it is certainly worth the investment in storage space.

The app can be used in both portrait and landscape, though because of the video content, it might be wise to keep your tablet in landscape. The navigation is smooth, if not always intuitive. I stumbled around a bit trying to get back and forth – but then again, maybe that is just me.

The Gagosian app is "sold" under the name of the gallery, so one won't be able to do a search for all the apps that Radical Media has been involved in. One two apps show up under Radical Media's own name: Medicá, mentioned above and seen briefly in the video below, and ONE Campaign, updated today for the iPhone. The iPhone app is an advocacy app for ONE, the nonpartisan advocacy and campaigning organization co-founded by Bono. The app description ends with the line "At ONE, we’re not asking for your money, we’re asking for your voice. Get the facts, get connected and create change with the ONE App today."

Another attempt at a TNM demo video – very embarrassing if you ask me. But if you are to get an idea of the animation and navigation of an app, video is a better solution. Once I get a newer iPad, one where I will be able to record the display directly, we're stuck with these amateur efforts: