Tuesday, July 19, 2011

B3 Publishing releases demo video for Montreal tourism that shows its digital publishing solution at work

One of the better early iPad media apps released was for Mac|Life. Released in September of last year, the app was developed with B3 Publishing.

B3 Publishing is the newly formed division of what used to Balthaser Studios, a rather legendary group of early Flash promoters. I called that Mac|Life a killer app, but sadly Future US did not really build on that first iPad app and begin to seriously develop tablet editions. Too bad.

But B3 Publishing continues on. Today Kenny Balthaser tweeted about some work they have been doing. This video, a demo for Tourisme Montréal, shows off their latest work:

Like other tablet publishing platforms, B3 Publishing is promoting their digital publishing solutions as an easy and fast way to convert print publications for tablets. Looking at their website, one might think that B3 is promoting replica editions. But neither the app you see in the video, nor the Mac|Life app are simple replicas, so you know this platform has to be more powerful than that.

“B3 Publishing is unique in that we own and control our own technology platform. Our platform has been designed from the ground up to build rich, interactive digital content,” said Ken Balthaser Jr., Vice President of Publisher Services in the company's launch announcement in February.

“Since we own and control the technologies, we are able to move quickly and implement new features and refine workflows. The end result is reflected in the efficiencies in our workflows and the quality of the final product.”

If you are interested in learning more about the B3 Publishing platform visit their website here. In the meantime, after break is a video show the system at work: