Monday, July 18, 2011

Interesting media app updates: CNN adds live TV to iOS app, depending on provider; Letter to Jane updates latest its edition; huge app, minor update, bad combination

We're about to get hit with another wicked summer storm. The last time this happened we lost power for over six hours. So this will have to be the last post today. Wish us luck!

Adding streaming program to one's media app is becoming more and more common. The HBO GO iPad app, for instance, has been a big hit around my household.
Today CNN updated both its iPhone and iPad apps adding live television to the app. The app has always had some live streams, as well as archived video, but now CNN has added a live stream of its actual broadcast.

The catch, of course, is that the users has to have an account with one of the cable providers currently playing along with CNN. For me, as a Comcast subscriber, it means that I can use both this app and the HBO app to stream content. But the WatchESPN app is still limited to only a few cable providers, with Comcast not being one of them.

Tim Moore updated his latest app edition of his tablet magazine. Letter to Jane: Moral Tales, which was looked at first here, was updated to add a plain text mode, an updated design, as well as the soem bug fixes.

The app description also says that it has "fixed compatibility with iOS5", meaning that Moore has been playing around with that beta, right?

The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system is due by the end of the month this fall and promises a slew of new features.

Another app that was updated today was Gagosian, the gallery app from Radical Media. This app is a huge one, and was updated just back on July 7 when new content was added.

Because the app is 664 MB it is rather inconvenient to update, but if there is new content it is certainly worthwhile. But this update only claims to fix some bugs and improve stability. So if your version is working just fine this seems like an update well worth passing on.