Friday, July 22, 2011

Last update: Oslo attacks may have been domestic in origin; same person in police uniform seen at scene of bombing, then responsible for shooting on island

Driving around the city today I heard on the CBS radio the same news I reported here this morning, only three hours later. Apparently many journalists don't know how to read Norwegian news websites for information – very sad.
Here is what local Oslo newspapers are reporting right now: there is a good chance that the same person responsible for the shooting at the Labor Party youth camp on Utoya was also seen just prior to the bombing of government buildings.

If true, this Nordic looking person would be responsible for both attacks, which is why authorities are right now saying that it is possible that today's deadly attacks were a case of domestic terrorism, not international terrorism.

To keep up with events, I suggest The Guardian and the BBC, both are running live news blogs. The NYT have move to just updating its main story.

If you have the Chrome browser, reading the Aftenposten website is easy, that and NRK are good choices for news from the scene.

Note: if these reports prove untrue, I will probably pull down this post altogether.