Friday, July 8, 2011

News of the World iPad app pulled from the App Store

Lost in all the news about the closing of News International's News of the World was the fate of the paper's iPad edition. Would this be used as a lifeboat for the brand? Nope.
Today the News of the World for iPad app was pulled from the App Store. (A Google cache of the iTunes page can be found here.)

As News Corp. offers up sacrificial lambs in its effort to save its BSkyB deal, the media giant will be launching a Sunday edition of its other British tabloid The Sun.
The Sun already has its own tablet edition ready to go. The Sun for iPad is a free app that offers readers the first 30 days of content for free, then charges readers £4.99 per month.

While this morning's Sun reports on the closing of the News of the World, its website is strangely silent on the news that two former editors, Andy Coulson and Clive Goodman, have done the perp walk this morning for the Metropolitan Police. Guess it doesn't do the morale of the newsroom much good to report what happens when get caught doing "journalism" for News International. Or maybe the editors were too busy listening to the conversations of celebrities, politicians or the victims of crime?

The newspaper is, of course, a typical News Corp. product by may have to sleeze up a bit if it is to full the hole created by the demise of News of the World. I have great faith the folks at News will be able to do it.