Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Newsday brings PDF version of amNewYork to the iPad

The morning tabloid amNewYork is owned by Newsday, which itself was bought from the Tribune Company by Cablevision two years back. The free morning daily depends on distribution, getting the product into people's hands easily and inexpensively in order to make its business model work. Distribution via the iPad, then, would seem to make a lot of sense.
Today Newsday released a universal app for amNewYork, a free download that also gives readers access to the free tabloid once the reader has registered.

As you'd expect, this is a simple replica edition. Issues can be read directly, assuming you have an Internet connection, or downloaded for reading offline. Since the newspaper is hardly blowin' out their numbers, ad wise, the 24 page issues are fairly quickly downloaded.

The problem with replicas like this, of course, is that the look rather strange in landscape. In this case, amNewYork doesn't really fit the screen very well. In portrait, however, the experience is more pleasant. On an iPhone . . . well, it's good that the target audience skews young, because reading is otherwise quite a challenge.

With a publisher claimed circulation of around 345K, getting readers to migrate to a tablet would represent quite a boat load of savings, making this experiment well worth trying.

This is the third universal app released by Newsday. The first, the app for the flagship newspaper, said that content would be available free for a limited time. That was late last year. The content remains free and the app has remained unchanged since its last update on December 22.

The second app is called Newsday FunBook 2011 and cost $4.99 to download – its was released July 1 of this year. Probably the less said about that one the better as reader reviews have not been kind.

Top left: the reader registration page; Top right: downloading an issue.
Bottom left: the cover seen in landscape; Bottom right: 2 pages in landscape.


Tablazines said...

See what would I do if TNM didn't exist. AM New York was one of the papers that I miss reading every morning since leaving New York. I'm glad to have access to it again replica or not.

The loading screen between each page leads me to believe that this is a heavily modified app based on the Baker Framework.

NY Tommy said...

Regarding the above, this is actually based on a custom Framework created by a Uk developer called PageSuite, i believe they developed the NY Daily News app too, well worth downloading if you like NY content

Bruce said...

that digital edition reader looks good. nice blend of print and digital.

Regina said...

This is a very good development. This has shown the advantages iPad very sophisticated and impressive.