Friday, July 22, 2011

Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten says it is evacuating editorial staff following bombing in Oslo; Dagbladet, other papers, quickly reformat websites to cover attacks

The Norwegian newspaper Dagbaldet, the country's second largest tabloid, along with other papers have quickly moved to shift all their website properties to covering the bombing and shootings in Oslo.
The attacks appear to be directed at the government, and possible the ruling party, though it should be stressed that no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks. (Update: NRK is reporting that a previously unknown group calling itself "Helpers of the Global Jihad" has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which it claims on its website to be in response to the publishing of cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad. )

The one English language news source in Norway, The Nordic Page, has only limited coverage of the attacks. Because of this, one would be better off going to Norway's many newspaper websites using Chrome, and having their browser translate the page.

Update: Norwegian news sources are now claiming at least four people have died as a result of the shootings on the island of Utoya at a gathering of the youth wing of the Labor Party. It is also reported that a shooter has been arrested.)

Aftenposten is reporting that the police have asked people to evacuate the Oslo's city center, forcing reporters and editors to leave the paper's offices. The Aftenposten website states that they will attempt to get back online as soon as they are at another location.