Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Only nine percent of Brits approve of News Corp. takeover of BSkyB, but will it matter?

A poll released this weekend by YouGov, a London-based public opinion survey company shows that only nine percent of those surveyed thought the proposed News Corp. bid to take over full ownership of BSkyB should go forward, while 70 percent were opposed.
But will public opinion really matter? If this were the U.S. involved the answer would be a resounding No based on the complete lack of responsiveness to public opinion exhibited by teh Congress and White House on issues such as tax hikes, social programs and war.

But the U.K. situation might be different in that there are mechanisms in place such as stronger media regulations and oversight that might make the public's opinion more influential.

The survey, conducted with The Sunday Times, a Murdoch owned property, was quite lengthy and covered a number of topics including the practice of journalists paying police officers for information – no surprise, they are against it.