Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tablet publishing soon to have its own tablet magazine; fall launch of TabTimes will test level of vendor support

Late in 2009 Editor & Publisher, the newspaper industry's trade magazine folded. Folio:, the magazine industry's trade magazine has changed hands a couple of times in the last few years. Now the tablet publishing "industry" will soon have its own tablet magazine, TabTimes, and the start-up will test the theory that a tablet-only magazine can survive and thrive where industry print magazines have failed.
TabTimes is backed by Patrick Pierra who will serve as the tablet magazine's publisher. Pierra is a Canadian who has some deep pockets thanks to selling BV! Media to Rogers Media for $25 million last year.

George Jones, former editor at Maximum PC, will head up the editorial team, along with other media veterans.

According to, TabTimes will be advertising based, though according to the TabTimes website there are no ad people as part of the launch team at this time, and Pierra's own background is editorial.

But whether the new launch uses ad networks or its own ad sales team, the biggest obstacle to the start-up's launch is not the level of maturity of the tablet advertising market, but the simple fact that the media industry is a terrible B2B segment. Media professionals are not exactly a coveted market to reach for advertisers, and so many vendors are themselves start-ups.

TabTimes says they plan on launching their iPad app this fall. With any luck maybe TabTimes could free me from having to continue Talking New Media (free at last!)

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Patrick Pierra, Publisher of TabTimes said...

Thank you for your article.

We failed to communicate our purpose adequately if you consider our project as a trade publication covering the tablet media industry. Our aim is broader: we want to cover all business, work and productivity-related uses of tablets. The publishing and advertising industries are just a small part of this universe.

Also, while you are right to point out that our team is currently stronger on the editorial side, we are now looking to recruit an advertising and sponsorship sales manager, and plan also to explore possible partnerships with rep houses and ad networks in the coming weeks.