Thursday, July 21, 2011

The vultures are circling: Nokia reports huge loss in latest quarter due to sharp decline in smartphone sales

Tech writers love to report bad news. Some, like Business Insider, do it just for the link bait, others love to see a car crash.

Nokia's latest earnings report (PDF link) has offered up plenty for these vultures. Reporting an operating loss of €487 million for the quarter, the company is in serious trouble if the goal is to be number one. Maybe trying to become profitable again would be a better idea.
The problem for Nokia, of course, lies in smartphones. The company saw a 32 percent decline in a category that is booming.

But for publishers this is all a nonevent. Nokia's Symbian platform was never a serious contender and now that it has bet on Windows Phone one has to ask do I really want to start developing for Windows Phone?

This question of platforms brings us back to the issue of third party vendors versus building internal capabilities: one huge sales point of many vendors is platform neutrality, they say they can help you launch products that will work on iOS, Android, webOS, etc. For many publishers this seems like a big benefit. But is it? Is the issue of which platforms to develop for really been a big issue? Isn't it obvious?