Monday, August 1, 2011

Apple releases software update for Apple TV, as well as TV shows previously bought through iTunes

Apple this morning released a software update for users of its Apple TV adding Vimeo content as well as allowing users to stream television shows previously purchased through iTunes.
The update also supposedly improves the fast forwarding and rewinding of live events – hopefully this will be helpful on the MLB.TV app which can sometimes be painful to use.

That's all the tech news you get from me on this subject. What interests me about the update, however, is how all this is being dealt with by Vimeo.

You would think that getting onto the Apple TV would be a fairly big deal for Vimeo, after all, until today the only video site on the Apple TV has been YouTube. But Vimeo has not issued a press release about the move.
In fact, looking at the Vimeo site, the company has not issued a press release since January 5th, almost seven months ago. The company does seem to maintain its own blog, though, again, there is nothing there that mentions the addition to Apple TV.

What can I say, marketing is becoming a lost art, I guess.