Monday, August 15, 2011

Comments are open: busy schedule to limit new posts

Late morning and early afternoon appointments will limit the new posts here today. So to compensate, I have opened up comments.

Normally, because of the amount of comment spam I get, I have things pretty locked down – this even forces some anonymous comments into the spam folder. But I have opened up comments today so have at it.

What do you think of the Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility? Will it hurt or help Android gain a toehold in the tablet market? How do you think HTC and others who have been building Android phones feel about this?

Have you tried out Muse yet? If you are a Photoshop or InDesign person, but don't use Dreamweaver, do you think this could work for you?

What would you like see more posts on?

Did the debt ceiling crisis, or the debt crisis in Europe, force you to cut your Tuscan or French Riviera vacation short? Will Obama's low approval rating force you to rethink your decision not to run for President in 2012? Let us know.


Tablazines said...

1. Competing against your partners is NEVER A GOOD THING. Ask Microsoft how the whole "Play For Sure" campaign fell apart once they introduced the ZUNE.

2. Purchasing Motorola still doesn't protect Android against the patent claims of both Oracle. Should Oracle win THAT battle.. it could spell trouble for Android.

3. If Elop had anything that resembled "a vision" he would be out there trying to pitch "Meego" to the partners currently using Android because you can almost be sure that Mircosoft will be pitching Windows Mobile 7.

Tablazines said...

As for Muse... I'll have to play with it some before I comment on it.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that some of the cell phone makes might consider dropping Android and go more with Windows Phone. But this might improve the quality of Android tablets, and at least make the software more consistent.

BDHemsmith said...

In theory, this should help the XOOM I might guess. But if there aren't more apps designed for it I doubt it will make a difference who owns the brand.

Douglas Hebbard said...

It's amazing how many spam comments I've already gotten since opening up the comments area. Sad.