Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A few thoughts on HTML5 apps and websites

Playing around this morning with both Xcode and several HTML5 based publishing solutions I keep stopping to think about the whole issue of "magazine-like" apps and websites. I kept asking myself "why would I want a magazine-like look unless I wanted a magazine?"
As someone who has had their name on the masthead of over a dozen different magazine titles I know what a magazine is, and I know what a website is. But now they are supposed to be the same thing? God, I hope not. After all, for most magazine publishers the vast majority of their revenue on a given title - ignoring ancillary products like events and special sections – still derives from print advertising. So isn't creating a "magazine-like" look for an app or website just another desperate attempt at finding a profitable web model – in other words, phase two of the flipbook experiment?

That doesn't mean I am not intrigued by these new digital publishing options. I have several prototype projects right now with Xcode and online, learning these publishing solutions, playing with the features, etc.

Right now my conclusion is that the digital publishing solutions remain ahead of the successful business models. Until the two and get together we are still in the era of experimentation. It's both exciting and frustrating, that's for sure.