Friday, August 5, 2011

Italian publisher releases its first paid iPad app after launching a string of replica edition magazine apps

The Italian magazine publisher Edizioni Morelli (ELI) has released its first paid iPad app following the release of a string of free apps for its magazine portfolio. The new app, 100 Agriturismi, costs $1.99 in the U.S. App Store, 1,59 € in the Italian App Store.
This new app is the 13th released so far by the publisher, ELI Edizioni Living International S.r.l. Previous apps for such magazines such as Ville&Casali and Casa Naturale have been developed by Virtualcom Interactive, another of those PDF to digital edition vendors that seem to be just about everywhere.

The magazines apps produced, therefore, have been simply replica editions, though some claim some enhanced features. I find them virtually unreadable, myself.

The new app, 100 Agriturismi, is a little different in that one can access the magazine through the app, but also do more.

The theme of the magazine, if you haven't guessed, is Agritourism, or put simply, spending your vacation on a farm. Now this is a nonstarter for me, as my allergies would cause me to spend the whole vacation sneezing, but I guess this is a growing phenomenon.

The app contains a selection of holiday cottages in Italy and is broken out into five areas including Food and Wine (that one's a winner), Pet Friendly, etc. The user can search for a location and view a photo gallery and other information about each destination.

I think this dual purpose app is a really good idea as I mentioned this in regard to Lufthansa's apps. Currently the German airline has separate iPad apps for its flight reservations and for its onboard magazine.