Friday, August 19, 2011

Make it stop! Tech sites repeat rumors from rumors sites who then complete the circle by repeating tech sites

Here we are in August, a full seven months out from the usual launch time for Apple's iPad and we are already starting to get the rumors. It is like the press coverage of the candidates for President, only crazier.

It you haven't heard the latest from the rumor sites – passed on by the tech sites – Apple will launch a new iPad next year with a higher resolution display "early next year".

Duh. That rumor about Apple producing a higher resolution display on its next iPad has been around for almost a year. It is a logical next step for Apple since they upped the resolution of their smartphone with the release of the iPhone 4. Way to go out on a limb there, guys.

Now the "news" that is supposed to be coming out of this latest "rumor" is that the release date for this next generation iPad is "early next year". Really? That is as good as the latest rumor that Christmas this year "may" fall in December.

Rumor has it that Apple will up the resolution of its next iPad thanks to its 12-foot large display.

The great thing about rumor sites is that they are always right eventually. Post about the new iPad coming out for the holiday season, early next year, or next week, and you are bound to be right, eventually.

What is amazing is that these rumors get passed around by tech media sites. The problem with this is simply that since rumors can't be trusted, and since every possible launch date has already been suggested, there is no way readers can get anything useful from yet another rumor.

So, please guys, make it stop. Rather than talk about rumors about Apple's next generation iPad, wouldn't it be better to talk about the consequences of what a higher resolution iPad means for online video? bandwidth? storage? etc.

But if you really like rumors here is my rumor: Apple will release a new version of its iPad, one day. There you go. Good luck.