Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Retweet: CNN report claims the Tribune Company wants to develop its own Android tablet to lure subscriptions

Recently emerged from bankruptcy, the Tribune Company is developing its own tablet that will run Android, according to a report this morning from CNN.

Quoting anonymous sources, CNN's Mark Millan said the plan is for the Tribune Company to offer the Android tablet free of charge, or "at a highly subsidized price" in exchange for an extended subscription.
The Tribune Company owns the newspapers includingChicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and the Baltimore Sun, as well as 23 TV stations across the country which would mean that the total market for this tablet would be relatively small.

Millan's story points out the obvious: this initiative is coming from a company doesn't even have Android app that run on Honeycomb, and whose iOS app efforts have been modest at best.

For me, creating one's own tablet in order to sell subscriptions is the modern equivalent of setting up a print plant in Iowa to service a reader of the Chicago Tribune who decides to move to Des Moines.

But read the CNN report yourself and ask yourself whether this is really going to happen, or whether the story itself may be an attempt by the story's sources to shine a light on some crazy internal goings on.