Monday, August 1, 2011

Time Inc.'s custom publishing arm begins launching iPad editions for their customers: Ford and NYSE first to launch

The iPad is a great platform for custom publishing, as well as special sections and special sections. Production and distribution costs can be controlled, and so the key is satisfying that customer by providing a good experience for their readers.

Time Inc. Content Solutions, the custom publishing arm of the media firm, has just launched two iPad apps for its customers Ford and the New York Stock Exchange. Both apps are free and provide the content free of charge as you would expect from promotional magazines such as these.
My Ford was launched two weeks ago. The magazine is not that hefty which allows the developers to keep the issue download to only 57.8 MB. This size is big enough to allow for an introductory video plus both portrait and landscape layouts.

NYSE Magazine was just released at the end of last week. It creates a library when installed where the first issue can be downloaded. The current issue, labelled as Third Quarter 2011, is a bit heavier at 116.9 MB, but this is still pretty modest.

The app, too, gives readers both portrait and landscape layouts, but leaves out introductory video. This magazine will remind TNM readers immediately of other Time Inc. tablet editions so I assume the publisher is using digital publishing solutions from WoodWing.

Both apps I think will satisfy their clients. The key now is getting potential readers to notice the apps. In this regard Apple is helping out: the NYSE Magazine app is currently being featured in the App Store.