Friday, September 23, 2011

Going for the gold: Splashtop launches Engine Connect at $999.99; iPad app designed for commercial broadcasters

This has to be a record: a $999.99 iPad app! The app, Engine Connect, is from Splashtop, and according to the app description is "designed for commercial broadcasting use, and not for personal home use."

I suppose the disclaimer is designed to discourage iPad users from casually buying an app priced at a grand. Engine Connect, I suppose, is not an impulse buy.

"Engine Connect is an app designed for broadcasters to control Vizrt content from an iPad using multi-touch capabilities," the app description reads. "As the use of presenter-controller graphics for TV is rapidly increasing, Engine Connect brings all the rendering power of Viz Engine™ to an iPad without sacrificing the quality of the rich media."

Hey, check it and report back to me. What do you think the chances are that the developer will pass along a promo code?