Friday, September 9, 2011

Google finally brings Blogger to the iPhone

For the past year or so it has been possible to post to your Blogger controlled website from the iPhone through work around methods such as email. But until today Google hasn't had its own iPhone app. But Google finally solved that with the release of its own branded app, Blogger.
For Google, this is the 13th iPhone app under their name in the App Store, but for users of Blogger this will be the most important.

The free app allows you to manage all your blogs managed through Blogger, to post, edit and more. And while this doesn't negate the huge steps WordPress has taken to make their platform the preferred platform for many bloggers, this app will certainly help those already on Google's blogging platform.

Probably the best thing about the new Blogger app is its image settings which will certainly help when snapping pictures on the go and creating posts.

So far Google has not released an iPad version of the app which might be helpful as the web version of Blogger is a bit of a pain to use on an iPad (though a wireless keyboard helps). Of course, this iPhone app will install on your iPad, though because it lacks a landscape mode it isn't much of alterative to simply using Safari to manage your account.

Left: this site as seen with the new Blogger app; Middle: the posting dialogue box; Right: default settings for image sizes.