Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Guardian is looking to build its development team; U.K. newspaper releases its first Android app

If the key to a true commitment to digital publishing is building one's own software development team, then The Guardian appears to be moving in the right direction. Guardian media reporter Jemima Kiss tweeted about this job opening found on company's website.

The position is listed as a "Graduate Software Developer":
As a graduate joining our software development team your role will include creating, developing, managing, and maintaining our software for a variety of delivery platforms, including and our mobile apps. You will work closely with editorial and commercial teams as well as external partners.
The Guardian was quick to launch both mobile and tablet apps but have been slow to follow-up on their initial efforts. I mean really slow to follow-up: it still have only the two initial apps, one news app for the iPhone and The Guardian Eyewitness iPad app. The iPhone app has had at least two versions released, but neither app has seen an update since February.

The Guardian did, however, release its first Android app today – you can find it in the Android Market here.

Georgina Henry, the head of, said: "We've seen over half a million downloads of our re-launched iPhone app this year, and with over 150 million activated Android devices worldwide the potential audience for this product is huge."