Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IDG's German arm continue to push forward with well made, though simple magazine apps

It isn't very easy to find all the tablet editions from IDG as they in the App Store under several variations of the IDG name – but they are worth seeking out, especially if you are an art director about to move forward with work on your first tablet edition.
CIO Plus is one of the newest iPad app released by the German publisher under the name IDG Business Media GmbH.

This free app is designed to distribute the special sections from CIO magazine. If you want to read that magazine proper, however, you will have to download a different app: CIO Kiosk, which you'll find under the IDG Magazine Media seller name.

It's a bit confusing, but the fact is that IDG wants to sell you CIO magazine, so better to keep it in its own "kiosk" app where you can buy individual issues or the yearbook for $4.99 or $24.99. I like the idea of separate apps for special sections, though in this case IDG is apparently going to group all the special sections in one iPad app rather than release new apps for every new special section. By doing this they are missing a marketing opportunity to brand each section separately.

These are natively designed tablet editions – I believe they are using the Adobe Digital Publishing platform to produce them – so you will find both portrait and landscape layouts here, with embedded video and a bit of animation to boot. Despite the fact that the one issue of CIO Plus is only 20 page in size, the multimedia and dual layouts mean the issue is still 124 MB in size. In other words, these native apps continue to be monsters.

Left: the kiosk, or newsstand, where you can download the issues; Middle: a typical article layout; Right: the cover of the CIO IT special section in portrait.