Monday, September 19, 2011

Media app updates: Tribune updates two of its newspaper mobile apps, adding circulars; the British Journal of Photography adds support for owners of the original iPad

The Tribune Company's interactive division today updated two of its newspaper iPhone apps to add in circulars to the Deals section of the app.
The iPhone apps for the Chicago Tribune and the LA Times have been updated with circulars provided by, the Associated Press initiative.

The circulars are from retailers that are currently part of the AP program and include Kohl's, Macy's, Sears, Walmart, Kmart, Target and others.

When the user opens the app up after updating the app will ask for the access to the users location so as to deliver the proper circulars, leaving out retailers that do not locations near the user. My circulars did not include Cub Foods or Star Market, for instance.

Tribune Interactive has not yet updated its Android mobile apps to include the circulars, though one can assume that will be coming. Also, since neither the LA Times or Chicago Tribune iPad app editions currently have a Deals section one would presume that a major update of those apps would be necessary to bring in the electronic circulars.

Incisive Media has updated its British Journal of Photography tablet edition which TNM looked originally here. The update adds stability fixes for owners of the original iPad.

In my original look at the app I took note of the frequent crashs I experienced with the app and that it eventually took a hard reboot of my iPad in order to get the app to begin performing properly. I assume this update solves those issues.

AOL has updated its Editions by AOL iPad app over the weekend. The app says that it now supports iOS 5. It also has integrated Read It later and Instapaper into the app. So far the reviews are good.

Zinio also issued an update this weekend to its universal iOS. The Zinio app sports a new interface and new settings. The last update to the Android app was at the end of August.

Other media app updates include the CNBC Real-Time for iPad app, which has added some content and a full screen reader mode, the CBC News universal iOS app which fixes some bugs, and The New Republic for iPad, which says it has fixed some bugs, but tells users in the description that if they continue to have issues they should delete the app completely (from both the iPad and their iTunes software) and reinstall it from the App Store.