Monday, September 12, 2011

MoboTap releases gesture based web browser for the iPad; browser comes with built-in Webzine feature

Mobile technology developer MoboTap has released an iPad version of its browser that allows users to use custom gestures to improve their web surfing experience on Apple's tablet.

The new browser, Dolphin Browser HD, is a free download in the App Store and has a lot going for it, especially if you are sometimes frustrated with Safari on the iPad. Using customizable gestures, the reader can refresh, go to specific websites and other things through drawing on the display with their fingers.
The browser also has other features such as tabbed browsing and sidebars. Some of these features will be coming to the iPad version of Safari once iOS 5 is released, but they are here now with the Dolphin Browser.

The iPad browser also comes with a Webzine look that is similar to Flipboard and is fully customizable.

I'll have to play around with the Dolphin Browser far more to see if I find it preferable to Safari. But my own dream iPad browser would be voice control as the interesting thing about touch controlled apps is that they are best when the amount of display touching is limited. For instance, hold the iPad often leads to mistaken touches which can very annoying when you are reading an article – while trying to scroll, for instance, one can accidentally touch the headline of an adjacent story leading you off to that story.

The Dolphin Browser was released first for the Android platform and the tablet version can be found in the Android Market here, while the smartphone version is here. Interestingly, MotoTap was able to release a beta version of their tablet browser into the Android Market earlier this summer before launching a final version recently. I have a feeling Apple discourages strongly "beta" apps from being submitted by developers.