Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New iPad app gives you Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck ... and not very well, either

European app developers are always surprised to find that TNM likes to look at their media apps, often passing on a nice note to me about my post. Americans, it is said, are notoriously bad at foreign languages, and I'm not much better (though Google Translation is very handy). But I find that looking at media app, but completely ignoring its content and concentrating on the design and organization, helps me to evaluate the app or website more objectively.
I suppose the same would apply to this new iPad app for Glenn Beck, because the content is essentially incomprehensible, gobbledygook, it is easier to look it – and once you get by the actual content of this app you see there is not really much here.

The app is essentially a way, now that Glenn Beck is no longer on Fox News, to distribute his programming. So this free app, Glenn Beck, gives you a couple of archived television episodes (sure to grow over time, of course), as well as a feed of the radio program which is three hours long per day.

Want to watch Glenn Beck cry? That will cost you because this is a "reader" app in the vein of Netflix – you have to already be a subscriber to Glenn Beck's GBTV plus in order to access the live video streams. That will cost you $9.95 per month (though there is a 14-day free trial if you are curious).

Because the app will not stream the video to your Apple TV this app is not quite a return to the big screen for Beck, but if you are obsessed with the man you'll get plenty of opportunity to see your hero – this is Glenn Beck everywhere and all the time.

The app, however, is meh.

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