Thursday, September 15, 2011

Norwegian business tabloid gives publishers worldwide a look at two tablet publishing options with their iPad apps

Here's a big round of applause to Dagens Næringsliv for conducting its own tablet publishing experiments in public so that other publishers can compare and contrast different tablet publishing options.
Today the Norwegian business tabloid has released two different iPad apps into the App Store. One, Dagens Næringsliv for iPad, is a native designed tablet edition built using the WoodWing tools. The second, DN eAvis, is, as the name implies, the ePaper, or replica, version of the newspaper. This version lists Visiolink as the publishing solution used to create the new iPad app.

Both apps are free, and neither app lists any in-app purchase options, but the Visiolink produced app does appear to require a purchase to access the content.

As for the WoodWing app, it has both portrait and landscape modes, but the landscape mode is reserved for viewing full screen photographs, so the reader would start in portrait to read the issue.

For me, the WoodWing solution feels the most natural on my iPad, and is also the easiest to read simply because it is designed specifically for the tablet. But many publishers, including a number in Europe that I have talked to, believe iPad owners would like to access exact copies of their print editions via the iPad. This may explain why both apps were released at the same time.
It will be interesting to check back in a month or so and see if the in-store reviews are different for each app.

I should add here that the newspaper has been offering its ePaper edition on its website for awhile, which may be why it is being offered here, as well. If you are already paying to access Dagens Næringsliv on you Mac or PC you can now access it via your iPad, as well. I would think, however, that this would require the publisher to charge for access on all their apps, which may be what they eventually decide to do.