Thursday, September 8, 2011

Retweet: Rice University claims breakthrough in cell technology; 'full-duplex' allows two-way transmissions

Talking Points Memo found this story and has it on its website now, but since it might prove to be important for mobile technology I thought it a could idea to retweet it here.

Researchers at Rice University say they have developed a breakthrough in cell phone technology, called "full-duplex", which will allow cell phones and other devices using wireless communication to both "talk" and "listen" at the same time. This technology would allow for higher quality streaming of data without requiring two separate frequencies.

"Our solution requires minimal new hardware, both for mobile devices and for networks, which is why we've attracted the attention of just about every wireless company in the world," said Ashutosh Sabharwal, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Rice, in the university's announcement. "The bigger change will be developing new wireless standards for full-duplex. I expect people may start seeing this when carriers upgrade to 4.5G or 5G networks in just a few years."

You can read the entire announcement on the Rice website, but here is a nice video the university made which goes a long way in explaining the idea: