Thursday, September 22, 2011

St. Louis Public Radio releases a pair of iOS support apps

I really don't have much original to say about these two new apps released recently by St. Louis Public Radio, but they seem to be worth pointing out to illustrate the continued trend of radio and television apps.
For some people, these apps might seem unnecessary, why release a radio app when all I need to do is listen in my car or home stereo, right?

But radio and television is evolving very fast from mediums that are enjoyed on specific devices – home flatscreen TV in your family room, for instance – to mediums that are enjoyed everywhere. Every time I take out my iPhone and start listening to KCSM in San Mateo I am reminded of the days when I was very young and listen to CKLW on my transistor radio. The difference is that the reception is better now, and in stereo (and The Beatles and Beach Boys aren't on all the time, either).

Both apps, St. Louis Public Radio App and St. Louis Public Radio for iPad, were developed by Sky Blue Technologies, a Lafayette, Indiana firm that really should redesign their website.