Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why wait to actual see a device to pass judgement?

Is it really necessary to see a new tech device before passing judgement on it? Here is Forbes's contributor Chunka Mui responding to a post by TechCrunch's M.G. Siegler:

My reading of the details, however, is that the Amazon tablet is not going to be all that huge. Barnes and Noble should be afraid. Apple, however, has little to fear.
The author then recounts Siegler's post where Siegler, who has seen the new Amazon Kindle tablet that is at the center of the story here, talks about how the tablet's form factor is more like those of the BlackBerry PlayBook and other 7-inch tablets.

He (Chunka Mui) may be right, but one would think that waiting until they have actually seen and used a device may be the best time to write a review of the device. But whatever, guess I'm old fashioned. But if this is considere the new way to do reviews then writing movie reviews just became a lot easier.