Monday, October 17, 2011

Apple promotes the new magazine apps that take advantage of its Newsstand app in iOS 5

This is the first of four short posts on tablet editions. The first looks at the new Apple Newsstand.

You can hardly blame Apple for wanting to promote the new features to be found in iOS 5. So inside the App Store this morning, whether you are looking for iPhone or iPad apps, Apple is showing off its Newsstand app, exclusive to iOS 5. (It's also showing off Cards, a new custom greeting cards program.)

To promote its new feature, Apple is doing several things inside the App Store: promoting Newsstand on the entry page to the store, and in select categories like News, promoting new apps that are taking advantage of the feature.

The importance of this for media professionals is to remind both publishers and developers that Apple not only owns the online retail store, but has the means to promote what it wants. Amazon, of course, has the same power. So while some media apps can still be found outside of Newsstand, those taking advantage of the new feature are getting the power of Apple behind them.