Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Apple tries to update everything (it seems), Internet traffic explodes; Guardian launches first iPad edition

What were they thinking? Apple has issued a ton of updates today and the result is lots of complaints of slow download speeds, but so far, at least, few real complaints compared to the launch of MobileMe.
If Apple can survive the day and not melt down the way Research In Motion apparently has, it will be an incredible accomplishment.

As for the strain on the web, well that is another matter. As can be seen in the web traffic numbers, Internet usage is at extreme levels today.

I have previously updated my iPhone, which I also use for development, to the gold master, so I have had iOS 5 for a while. But my iPad has still not been updated due to serious issues there. It is possible that this is the fault of the unit itself – I've encountered problems with it before. I'm now on my third attempt at updating the tablet.

But Apple didn't just update its mobile operating system. Apple also also issued an update for Lion, iTunes, many (if not all) of its apps, and launched a couple new ones, as well. It is a busy day, let's hope it ends well.

(I've deleted that "Update" that was here because I've written a new post about the upgrade experience.)

The Guardian today released its long awaited first iPad edition, timed to appear today inside Newsstand. The subscription price is £9.99 for one month, with six issues published each week.

One guesses that The Guardian is new at this because the price is listed in pounds in both the U.K. and U.S. App Stores.

Since my iPad is dead in the water right now, and not looking good, I probably won't be able to download the app today to write about it.