Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Athens News reports Greece in 'grip of massive strikes'; newspaper launches 'live blog' to cover events

The English language daily newspaper Athens News is stating that Greece is "in grip of massive strike" as protesters began a 48-hour general strike earlier today, called to protest austerity measures instituted by the government.

Protesters showered police with stones and fire bombs on the steps of the parliament building, forcing them to retreat. The boom of tear gas canisters fired by police rang out over Syntagma Square while black smoke curled into the air.
The Greek newspaper quoted on a 17 protester: "We have no future here. All young people want to go abroad and they are right to do so."

Anti-austerity protesters in Athen's Syntagman Square. Reuters photo.

To cover the ongoing demonstrations, Athens News has set up a live blog which you can follow here. According to their latest posts the police have used tear gas to clear Syntagma Square, the central location often used by the protesters. It is current past 7 PM in Athens, and while reports are that the vast majority of businesses were shut down by today's strike, it appears unlikely that the demonstrators intend an occupation-type demonstration.