Friday, October 7, 2011

Content branding company Specialist UK launches iPad magazine app for French automaker Peugeot

As I've said many times, some of the best iPad magazine apps for publishers to look at come from agencies representing automakers. The reason is simple: the budgets are bigger, and the costs get passed on to the client. As a result, the apps are generally excellent, and often quite innovative.
A good example of this comes from Specialist UK, a branded content agency (or custom publisher, if you prefer). One of its client is the French automaker Peugeot, now out of the U.S. market, but very much still alive elsewhere. Specialist produces an interactive magazine for its client called e-motion (you can see the latest issue here), and had previously released an iPhone app for Hiscox Insurance called ContentsCalc, as well as a paid magazine app called Living Lighter.

Now the agency has released Rapport for iPad, an iPad-only tablet magazine that exploits the capabilities of the digital publishing platform with both portrait and landscape content, lots of interactive elements, and multimedia content.

Since the app is free I would encourage you to, watch for it, give it a test drive (sorry about that). Most of the content is contained in the app itself, you do not need to download an issue like a regular consumer magazine app. That is why the app itself is 376 MB in size.

The app includes sections for Showrooms, Videos, Offers, Brochure(s), Find a Dealer and Test Drive, as well as the magazine content. I would recommend starting the app in portrait, it just seems designed to begin that way.


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Matt Rhys-Davies said...

The automotive industry seem to lead the way across display, retargeting, CPL and of course broadcasting, purely because of the bigger budgets you mentioned.

Someone needs to be the trailblazer though!