Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Indiana college student puts out an Occupy Wall Street news app using the Red Foundry DIY solution

I suppose one could be cynical and call this new app from Santiago Jaramillo the ultimate in cashing in on a hot trend, but since the app itself is free of charge that would probably not be fair.
Occupy Wall Street News is a free iOS app from BlueBridge Digital, the first app released by its developer Santiago Jaramillo.

The app is a simple RSS reader app, created using the online app development site Red Foundry which like a lot of do-it-yourself app creators, allows users to create a free application with limited capabilities and support.

This particular app looks like it is simply bringing Google search results rather than direct RSS feeds from news organizations. The layouts are minimal, and the ad at the top of the screen from luxury car maker Lexus is certainly ironic, and calls into question whether the developer really cares one bit about OWS.

In fact, Jaramillo, 21, calls himself a prankster, a rebel, and an entrepreneur on his own badly coded website.

Whatever the case may be Apple is currently promoting the app in the News category so Occupy Wall Street News is bound to get plenty of downloads.