Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let's get something straight: Apple is not always all about 'simple', 'elegant' and 'it just works'

Let me just say one thing that puts the whole "it just works" thing to bed once and for all: iWork, that mess of a productivity suite that will force you to spend hours trying to successfully print out one envelope, or to get your spreadsheets to properly import formulas.

For everything that a consumer can say about the elegance of the iPhone, or the ease of use of the iPad, there is iWork.

As an Apple customer since 1983, and huge proponent of the iOS platform, I am not blind to the utter garbage the company continues to produce when it comes of basic productivity software. I can stream my photos and videos to my television, but print an envelope? Forget it.

Sadly, this situation is pretty common. How far has common programs like Word and Excel advanced in the past decade? Ever try and do any layouts in Word or create a nice looking chart in Excel? Yikes, maybe we should all return to dot matrix printers.