Monday, October 17, 2011

Maybach gets an update; app uses a replica-like publishing solution, but is solely designed for the tablet

This is the fourth of four short posts on tablet editions.

The second issue of Maybach Magazine, the tablet-only magazine from Tablazines, has been released into the App Store. Because Tablazines, the nom de plume of Chris English, publisher of another tablet-only magazine, Hoodgrown, utilizes a digital publishing solution that only allows for one issue to inhabit the app, the update for Maybach wipes the first issue and replaces it with the newest one.
English is using PugPig's free publishing option that creates an app for free from your digital files. The company offers Apple Newsstand integration at a higher level, though that includes an annual fee of £4000 per license.

At first glance one might think that Maybach is a replica edition. But English has designed this, using Quark, only to appear on the iPad. As a result, the pages fit the display perfectly, and magazine flows logically (no two-page spreads cut off, for instance).

The app only works in portrait, which cuts down the size of the file. I think English should up the font size a bit and air out the magazine, too. After all, there is no reason to cut down on the number of pages of the issue since it is not being printed.

But like the new app from Engadget, Distro, this continues to be an interesting tablet-only magazine experiment. All Tablazines needs now is some ad support, a multi-million buyout from a big publisher!

Left: the Table of Contents; Middle, the magazine's tribute to Steve Jobs; Right: a typical article layout.