Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Morning Brief: Arrests in Boston and threats in NYC; not all apps are ready for iOS 5; voice controls for cookbooks

There were more than 50 arrests of Occupy Boston protestors last night, while in New York City mayor Bloomberg said the protestors could remain in Zuccotti Park for now: “If they break the laws, then we’re going to do what we’re supposed to do — enforce the laws," the mayor said.

Meanwhile, the continuing protests, the arrests and the criticism from the Fox News wing of the media has finally gotten the protestors a decent amount of coverage. What comes next will be interesting to see as the protestors begin to zero in on their targets of their protests – today, for instance, Occupy Wall Street plans to march up Fifth Avenue to the homes of some of America's richest people, Rupert Murdoch, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, and Tea Party funder David Koch.

iOS 5 is set to be released to the public tomorrow and while I have been using the gold master version of the software on my iPhone for the past week I have been occasionally coming across apps that have bugs in them when used on iOS 5 phones.

One of the apps, AOL Radio, for instance, no longer continues to play when your phone goes to sleep. This is a behavior that used to exist in the first generation of iPhone software that lacked multitasking capability. When I discovered this I tested out Pandora to see if it worked fine under iOS 5 (yes, it does).

Expect to see lots of updates quickly hit the App Store as developers find bugs that need fixing under iOS 5.

Last week I took a look at the donna hay magazine app and casually added that "All that would make this perfect would be if Apple could add in voice controls that would allow cooks to instruct their iPads to turn the page without having to use one's dirty hands to do this (this will come, believe me)."

TNM reader Tony Redhead commented on that story and it is worth elevating the comment to here:
You mentioned in the Donna Hay post that it would be perfect if Apple could add in voice controls. Well it's already here and it didn't have to come from Apple. There's an Australian company called MoGeneration that has a Digital Publishing platform, called Oomph, that has Voice Controls as one of it's features. In fact all the recipes in the latest Fitness First digital magazine have a voice control option, it's pretty cool. No more sticky finger marks all over your iPad.
Thank you, Tony. I hadn't heard of this company and will obviously check them out.

The idea of voice controls for cookbooks, as well as magazines and newspapers containing recipes, seems to me to be a natural. I can envision Siri one day being able to answer the question "find me a recipe for banana bread" and then walk you through the recipe at your own pace.