Monday, October 24, 2011

Morning Brief: Biography of Steve Jobs hits both digital and physical bookstores this morning; Cat earnings soar

For many buyers of the new biography of Steve Jobs, this morning has started with an email from Apple informing them that their iBooks edition of the Walter Isaacson eBook was available.
The actual e-mail was actually sent late last night,I received mine just before midnight. If your device was set up for automatic downloading of books then you awoke this morning with the new book already on your device.

The book your pre-ordered, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, is now available. To download your book, go to the device or computer where you placed this pre-order and click the link below. Additionally, any devices or computers with Automatic Downloads enabled for Books will automatically receive this book. – Apple email.

The Isaacson book has gotten a lot of pre-release press, and yesterday's 60 Minutes program was dedicated pretty much entirely to the book (two-thirds) or the iPad (the last segment was on the use of the iPad in treating autistic children).

Because my resume is posted on the common job boards I get solicitations every now and then from recruiters looking for iOS and Android developers. I guess these recruiters don't bother actually reading the resumes they pull up because I am definitely not a developer.

But I loved the email I received this morning from the recruiter who says they are looking for an iOS and Android developer with seven years experience. I think they will be searching a long time before they find the perfect candidate. But the good news is that by 2014 they may well find the right person.

B2B publishers may be taking note of the earnings report released this morning from Caterpillar. The construction equipment giant is reporting that their quarterly earnings increased 44 percent. Just as importantly, the company was cautiously optimistic about 2012.

"Although there is a good deal of economic and political uncertainty in the world, we are not seeing it much in our business at this point," Cat Chief Executive Doug Oberhelman said in te company's earnings announcement. "We believe continued economic recovery, albeit a slow recovery, is the most likely scenario as we move forward."

Cat is forecasting fairly robust revenue growth for next year, and said it has added personnel in anticipation of the growth. All good news for those B2B publishers working on construction books. (I used to be the publisher of a B2B title in the transportation construction industry.)