Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Morning Brief: It's the Twilight Zone for some apps ahead of iOS 5 update; jobs bill killed by Senate Republicans

This morning media apps are disappearing, which is probably making the publishers of these iPhone and iPad periodicals crossing their fingers that all will be well by day's end.

Magazine apps that had had their apps updated to include Newsstand have nowhere to go until the user updates their iOS device and so are deleted from the device at sync. For those who already have iOS 5 on their device – presumably because you have a developer account and have downloaded the GM – magazines will start to appear in your Newsstand app.

New icons from three magazines. Newsstand requires a cover-like icon rather than the traditional square app icon.

Newsstand is not a stand alone app to be found in the App Store, but comes as part of iOS 5, meaning everyone who owns an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad will see a big empty newsstand at some point. I'm quite sure publishers are hoping this will spur device owners to load up their Newsstand, at least to prove to others what wonderful readers they are? ("Hey, what's in your Newsstand?")

Yesterday Apple began releasing magazine app updates that included Newsstand Рtwo magazines from Bonnier, as well as Wired were among the first to be released. Late last night other Cond̩ Nast magazine apps were updated including BRIDES Magazine, GQ, Allure, SELF, Glamour, Golf Digest. This morning came updates for Vanity Fair and The New Yorker Magazine.

Senate Republicans yesterday voted to kill the President's jobs bill. What else is there to say?

Yesterday the White House put out word that they have evidence that the Iranian government was involved with a plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in the United States. After the run up to the Iraq War one is certainly conditioned to be a bit skeptical about matters like this, so again we'll just wait to see where all this goes.