Friday, October 14, 2011

Morning Brief: New device that allows you to make phone calls goes on sale today; Ellen Shannon joins Penton as chief content director, publisher of Multichannel Merchant

I hope you are not reading this post while standing in a long line outside an Apple retail store. I just don't visualize TNM readers as the kind of folk who go in for that kind of thing.

In any case, the iPhone 4S goes on sale this morning, though other than the "S" on the box not much else will appear new until they fire up the device.

Oh, and it makes phone calls, apparently.

Penton Media's Multichannel Merchant has a new Chief Content Director and Publisher. Ellen Shannon, previously Conference Director at TechMedia, will bring 30 years of professional experience to her new role.

Shannon was also the owner of Publication & Conference Development Partners for eight years prior to joining TechMedia.

The Prime Minister that no one has much confidence in, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, has won a confidence vote in parliament today, 316 to 301, according to a BBC News report.

Berlusconi is facing trial on sex, bribery and abuse of power charges, which probably won him a few votes.

Actually, the vote was procedural, forced upon the government when a budget item failed to pass by a single vote, forcing the vote. Berlusconi was not rattled by the forced vote: here is no alternative to this government. Early elections would not solve the problems we have. A political crisis now would mean victory for the party of decline, catastrophe and speculation," the BBC quoted the Prime Minister as stating.