Thursday, October 27, 2011

National Geographic Society issues a special edition for the iPad: '7 Billion' is single sponsored by DuPont

The National Geographic Society today released into the App Store a special issue that the publisher says is free to download for a limited time (hurry up).

7 Billion is a tablet edition currently only available for the iPad that has as its subject the fact that the human population is about to hit seven billion.
The special tablet edition is single sponsored by DuPont and serves as an excellent example of the kind of special edition publishing that is possible for tablets, assuming the publisher has created the infrastructure necessary to produce tablet editions.

This particular apps's design and production is created to Susan Park Lee, who has been a designer at the National Geographic Society for about a year.

The tablet edition uses native design: scrolling within stories and swiping to reach the next story. The issue uses landscape only as its orientation which saves a bit of app size. Nonetheless, the app still weighs in at 297 MB thanks to its animation and embedded video content – but it should be noted that the download is pretty fast.

This is a great app and it is good to see that DuPont chose to sponsor it. The single sponsor solution for tablet publishing continues to find more success than selling display pages in tablet editions, though hopefully agencies will wake up and start looking for good opportunities inside tablet magazines.