Thursday, October 6, 2011

News of Job's death spurs TIME editors to 'stop the presses' to create new issue of magazine, tablet edition

The news last night of the death of Steve Job's death just as TIME editors were putting the latest issue of the magazine to bed. At that point TIME managing editor Rick Stengel decided to "stop the presses" and rebuild the issue with a new cover.
According to the magazine's Tumbler blog, the new version of the issue was created in three hours "many of us working on the very Apple devices that Jobs created," the blog post says.

The new issue, featuring the cover seen at right, will hit newsstands tomorrow, and will be available as well in the TIME Magazine iPad app (as well, it is assumed, on the Android app, TIME Magazine - Tablet, as well).

The new issue will contain a 21 pages dedicated to the life and career of Steve Jobs, including a six-page essay by Walter Isaacson. Isaacson's biography, Steve Jobs, is now set to be released on October 24 after the publisher, Simon & Schuster, decided to move up the publication date (Apple iBooks link here, Amazon link here.)

The issue will also contain a photo essay by Diana Walker, who TIME says has been shooting Jobs since 1982.