Monday, October 24, 2011

Penton Marketing Services asks B2B marketers about their web and social media marketing satisfaction levels

The B2B media firm Penton has released a survey of B2B marketers called Truth from the Trenches that asks marketers about their online marketing strategies.

The survey summary is free to download in PDF form from the Penton Marketing Services website.

From the new study Truth from the Trenches released by Penton Marketing Services.

"What we wanted to explore were the real pain points, expectations gone unfulfilled, frustrations and realities marketers struggle with on a daily basis," said Kim Paulsen, senior vice president at Penton Marketing Services in the company's press release for the survey. "This study reveals both the gaps we uncovered and the strategies you can use to gain ground and turn marketing buzzwords into real tools for success. We are confident that this study will be a great tool in your quest for successful marketing implementation."

The survey finds that have of B2B marketers rate their company's website as effective, while a far larger number, 77 percent, say their websites are not effective in generating sales leads, the gold standard in B2B websites.

Penton Media launched its own in-house B2B marketing division, Penton Marketing Services, in April of this year. The survey promoted today was conducted around the same time as the creation of the new division and involved around 5,000 surveys reaching 3,835 who indicated that they have "direct involvement in their corporate marketing strategies."