Thursday, October 6, 2011

Police officer arrested today in attack on photojournalist covering Athens Syntagma Square austerity protests

The English language Athens News is reporting that a 26-year-old policeman has been arrested today for an attack on a photojournalist that took place yesterday. The photojournalist, Tatiana Bolari, was covering the austerity protests that were taking place in Syngtagma Square in Athens.

The attack was seemingly unprovoked and was recorded by television news crews and other photographers including Reuters photographer Yannis Behrakis.

Photo by Yannis Behrakis of Reuters

Bolari was covering the protests for Eurokinissi , an agency based in Athens. Bolari founded the photojournalism agency in 1990 along with fellow photographers Vassilis Papadopoulos, George Kontarini and Antonis Nikolopoulos.

According to the Athens News report, Bolari claims that she was insulted by the police officer using profanities, and was hit by the officer in front of her colleagues.