Friday, October 7, 2011

The 'Steve Jobs' TIME magazine issue hits newsstands – both physical and digital editions

The early version of this story had a huge number of typos, sorry about that. This post was written in a bit of a rush while I was securing some future interviews. I've cleaned up some of them, though I'm sure there are a few I've missed. Consider them an endearing trait of TNM if you would be so kind! I've also add the part in bold about Newsstand.

This is a sad way to end the week: talking about a "Steve Jobs 1955-2011" issue of TIME magazine. But that's life, I suppose, so here we are.
The issue is available at your local magazine newsstand, if you have one. Mine, the local Borders bookstore, recently closed down (like all the others) and is now a Halloween costume store – at least for the next few weeks, who knows what it will be after that.

The magazine is also available, of course, through the iPad app for $4.99. (TIME is still stating that they will add annual subscriptions to its iPad offerings, but they currently do not. Obviously, it would make sense that they would issue an update next week including subscriptions so that they would be included in the iOS 5 Newsstand app.)

This is a sad and ironic thing, isn't it? One of the very first magazine apps to appear for the iPad was TIME's, and its first issue was dated April 12, 2010 and featured Steve Jobs on the cover.

This week's issue features a much younger Steve Jobs, the way I remember him from the days when I was first an Apple customer.

The lead story is by Walter Isaacson, whose biography of Jobs will soon appear, and features a photograph by Diana Walker which works far better in landscape than portrait.

(In case you're not familiar with the TIME app, when in portrait one scrolls in order to move from page to page within a story, one swipes to reach the next story. When in landscape one swipes to move from page to page and then when you reach the end another swipe takes you to the next story.)

After the Isaacson story there is "The Inventor Of The Future" by Lev Grossman and Harry McCracken. Then a story called "Apple's Greatest Hits And Misses" followed by a feature dedicated solely to the photographs of Diana Walker called "In a Private Light". The final story dedicated to Steve Jobs is called "Life Inside Steve's Big Idea" by James Poniewozik.

Although TIME said that when they stopped the presses to revise this week's issue they added 21 pages of content about Steve Jobs, the tablet edition contains almost 50 separate "pages" of content, depending upon how you want to count each screen's worth of content.

While you could easily decide to buy the print version of this issue it just wouldn't seem right, in my opinion. This issue, this app, the whole tablet publishing platform, would not exist without Apple, and by extension, its leader, Steve Jobs. My recommendation is to buy the tablet version.