Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wall Street Journal updates its recently released video iPad app, WSJ LIve, to add in AirPlay support

The WSJ this morning issued an update to its WSJ Live iPad app. The app update fixes some bugs and adds social networking sharing through email, Facebook and Twitter.
But the biggest change is the addition of AirPlay support, the one area I complained about in my first look at the app back in September.

All video and audio apps really should incorporate AirPlay support, but video support requires some changes to the videos themselves, adding in some code that allows them to be streamed from the iOS device to an AppleTV.

Now the WSJ Live has it (as well as pre-rolls from companies such as Fidelity and Cognizant).

The Apple TV, though, is not the only place you will be able to access WSJ Live on your flatscreen TVs as the "channel" is also available as an app on many smart TV sets today. I recently picked up a new Panasonic plasma that contains apps on its Viera Connect system.

One interesting app that I have not checked out as of yet is from UStream, the personal video streaming company. One of the very first posts on TNM talked about UStream, but their services have been slow to catch on (this post was written and published three weeks before the "official" launch of TNM). But the addition of UStream on smart TV systems may well boost the services chances of becoming more popular.